Will social media chaos benefit arts communities in 2019?

At present social media like Facebook and Twitter are experiencing chaos. This was predictable. When you have massive numbers of humans from around the globe interacting, you have a landscape akin to the ‘Wild West’ of yore. Toss in bots, insert human screeners who make decisions to block people like a famous pastor (his page was restored), and media who snark among themselves like tweens on a middle school playground, chaos is no surprise. What’s next in 2019 when it comes to arts communities? 

Apology to my readers; Still blogging, against all odds

I’ve blogged, both as an indie site owner and for freelance accounts, many times over the years. In the early days, there were bugs in software and there were challenges. Still, you could draw traffic with good posts and I stayed in the game. Then approximately six or seven years ago things changed, and not for the better. 

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