Angela G deserves gold for Valentine’s Meme

Valentine setup shotCheck out your nearest social media and you’ll see lots of messages and posts about Valentine’s Day. Some posts praise a lover. Other posts offer support to those who are single.

Still other posts show how some countries want to ban the day when we in the US celebrate love. And, if we purchase something for a loved one, capitalism.

I found a lot of pretty bad poetry. I also found some posts that made me laugh.  Continue reading “Angela G deserves gold for Valentine’s Meme”

Book tour memory: Poetry surgeons for love

Valentine 1890 Library of Congress
To my Valentine. [1890] Image. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed February 13, 2017.)
My friend and fellow poet, Dorothy Fletcher, and I are sitting in a Florida coffee shop and sharing a piece of pumpkin bread. Actually, we are here on serious business. Today, we are surgeons for poetry. Continue reading “Book tour memory: Poetry surgeons for love”