America’s poet does it again: Mindblown2 variety show announced

Odd Rod Mindblown2
Florida poet Odd Rod Borisade has announced Mindblown 2.

Odd Rod Borisade deserves the moniker ‘America’s Poet’ for many reasons. An astounding talent for presenting well-crafted poetry in spoken word has landed Rod on stages across the United States. Borisade also has a talent for putting a great event together. After last year’s success with ‘Mindblown’, Borisade is again bringing a variety-style show to Jacksonville.

Borisade’s lineup for Mindblown2 includes poetry, musical renderings in soul-pop-rock, and magic.   Continue reading “America’s poet does it again: Mindblown2 variety show announced”

Creatives, Odd?Rod converge at ‘mindBLOWN’

A trio of talented creatives in poetry, music, and comedy will converge in Jacksonville (FL) on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 at the historic Theatre Jacksonville. The three-hour show (8-11 p.m.) mindBLOWN features nationally acclaimed poet Odd?Rod (Borisade), ‘comedy mentalist’ Sean Bott and the band Radio Love.  Continue reading “Creatives, Odd?Rod converge at ‘mindBLOWN’”