Florida weekend: Live music all around the Sunshine State

Florida is known for sunshine, but it should also be known for music. On any given day or night, you can find live music in every nook and cranny in the nation’s third largest state. Coming up on the last weekend in June are many live performances spanning all types of music. Heading to Ft. Lauderdale? Like pop?

The show must go on—unless you’re too sick

Every performer deals with it at some point. Things are bopping right along, going great, and then it hits. Someone gifts you with something you definitely don’t want—a virus. But you keep going because you have to. You may think to yourself it’s just a bug, and after a few days you’ll toss it off because you’re young and healthy. Then comes the point when you realize, yes, the show must go on, but sometimes, you just can’t. 

St. Patrick’s Day breaking news: It’s worth $6 billion

Many of us can claim Irish ancestry to some degree, and our official holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. Lots of people, regardless of ethnicity, culturally appropriate this holiday to join in the fun. It seems the celebration of this saint’s day grows more popular each year, and information from the National Retail Federation appears to confirm that. 

Whale of a festival on behalf of endangered Right Whales

There’s a whale of a festival scheduled for Sunday at Jacksonville Beach, and it’s dedicated to protecting the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. I first learned about these majestic creatures from the regional publisher who brought out two of my books. He also published a book about these whales, and he was very dedicated to their cause. When we say this whale is endangered, what does that mean in terms of numbers? 

Alachua County Fair brought music, science, magic, and more

  On Sunday I visited the Alachua County Fair as part of my ‘Band Mom’ duties and as part of my mission to cover events on the indie art scene in the South. I’ll admit up front I love a county fair—I grew up in a small town where the fair was the annual event just about everyone went to. The Crazy Daysies did some late afternoon music, and naturally I enjoyed listening. I also found time to go throw a few darts (my favorite carnival game), grab a corndog (only at the fair), and talk to some of the

Take heart, indie artists: As Irma approaches, ‘happy’ music may aid coping

It’s almost impossible to think creatively right now because those of us who live in Florida are facing a very angry Irma rolling her way towards the south end of the Sunshine State. As I multi-tasked this morning in an attempt to get things squared away, I came across an interesting article related to my current quandary. 

Indie music toolbox: Sites that may help you get to the next level

I’ve been helping the Crazy Daysies get ready for their first full length album release this fall. I have come to appreciate the work that goes into something like this as we try to cover all our bases. One of my tasks has been to sleuth the Web for sites that might be useful. I found a few so I thought I’d share them here. One site I found provides average earnings for different types of artists. Who knew?

Indie Art South: First ever concert ticket contest

Update After talking to some people over the weekend, I am adding another option for entering the contest. Note changes to the article below. I added this option because some people were concerned about using their real names on a public forum. So now there are two easy ways to enter to win two tickets to the Bella Donna Project tribute concert to Stevie Nix. Indie Art South is still very new, so to get some additional friendships going, we decided to host a ticket giveaway.  

Band Mom: Albums, gigs, and bands I’ve discovered

Because of scheduling, I’ve been on the road a lot with the Crazy Daysies, but I have an announcement to make. It’s official now—the Daysies’ first full length album will be released this fall. Rebecca is working on pinning down the exact release date and venue. We should have those details soon. There’s a mile-long to-do list.

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