Nashville blowout: Eric Church sets record despite last year’s brouhaha

Nashville star Eric Church must be on top of the world right now. Church, the come-from-behind guy who was once dropped by Rascal Flatts during a tour, set records for audience totals on May 25 at Nissan Stadium in the city famous for country and now country pop. Defying critics’ predictions, Church managed to deflect a lot of criticism leveled at him after a Rolling Stone piece featured some of the singer’s political pronouncements less than one year ago.

Friday the 13th: Bad luck, good luck, and why we take note

Today is Friday the 13th, and in the South, that always spelled bad luck. People didn’t stay inside or act like bad luck was coming. We’d take note it was a day traditionally perceived as unlucky and then go about our business. Why do we even take note of it, though? And why does one megastar consider it her lucky number? 

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