Swift blowup: Scooter Brown backlash case of mistaken identity

Pop star Taylor Swift’s recent blowup over the sale of the label her first albums belong to made national headlines. Swift held nothing back in complaining about the label sale although she’s now worth hundreds of millions of dollars partly because of that label. Swift targeted Scooter Braun, the man at the helm of the purchase of her label, for allegedly bullying her, among other reasons. Rising country star Scooter Brown had no idea what would come at him as a result of mistaken identity.

Taylor Swift freaks over label deal, warns aspiring musicians

Pop star Taylor Swift is freaking over a deal Big Machine Label Group made with pop media superpower Ithaca Holdings. Media are reporting Ithaca, whose chairman is Scooter Braun, acquired BMLG for more than $300 million.  After Swift placed a critical post on her Tumblr page, BMLG founder Scott Borchetta fired back in a post of his own at the BMLG website. Lessons are here, and aspiring musicians should take note.

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