No gigs, but for Gunboat Diplomats artists, variety is ‘spice of music’

Standup Guy graphic Gunboat Diplomats
Graphic presentation for ‘Standup Guy’, one of the songs on Gunboat Diplomats’ album ‘Fine State of Affairs’.

Most musicians rely on gigs to survive a tough market, but one band is charting a different path in order to get their music out. The Gunboat Diplomats band based in Jacksonville Beach, FL, has embraced the tech model, foregoing gigging to focus solely on recording.

Targeting radio stations at home and abroad, the band is made up of individuals who, according to spokesperson ‘Gunboat Smith’, “met through the music” and ended up becoming friends. An air of mystery surrounds the band, complete with retro graphics and a name suggesting the group is determined to break the hold prefab pop titans have on US culture.

Smith agreed to an interview by email as the band begins work on their next project. In keeping with their name, the new project is titled ‘Manifest Destiny.’  Continue reading “No gigs, but for Gunboat Diplomats artists, variety is ‘spice of music’”