Writer aims to take super hero down

The whole predicament started innocently. I asked a question and got an answer. Little did I know a super hero would mire me down in a project I am seriously desperate to finish. I have learned when you make a promise involving a super hero, it isn’t always easy to keep it. Continue reading “Writer aims to take super hero down”

One poet’s favorite poems for children

I’ve been working on a book of children’s poems, adding new ones to verses I originally wrote for my girls years ago. At the same time I noticed a post by poet and translator A. M. Juster on social media. He asked us to share our favorite children’s poem.

For me that was hard because there are so many. I posted a quick response and then realized one of my top favorites is actually a book-long poem, but it’s a poem anyone of any age can enjoy. Continue reading “One poet’s favorite poems for children”

Summer poems trend with forced rhymes, but not all is lost

Perhaps only a psychic could see how Twitter selects trends each day, but at present, you’ll find #PoemToWelcomeSummer among top items. The topic shows 1, 546 Tweets as I write this, compared with another trend, #ILikeIt, with 673,000 current Tweets. Maybe some Twitter controller just had a beam in his eye for childhood summers.  The Twitterverse jumping on the summer poems chain gang favored forced rhymes and ditties. Poems included advice on sunscreen and laments about kids already bored now that school is out. All, however, is not lost.  Continue reading “Summer poems trend with forced rhymes, but not all is lost”