Final touches done, Crazy Daysies set to celebrate album release

Rebecca Day Jennifer Day Thompson The Crazy Daysies
Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson will celebrate the release of their first album CD at Ragtime Tavern on Nov. 4. (Photo: The Crazy Daysies)

I decided doing an album release party is sort of like planning a wedding, complete with last minute surprises and worries about getting everything done.  Continue reading “Final touches done, Crazy Daysies set to celebrate album release”

Crazy Daysies set for album release, a swampy-tonk DIY

Crazy Daysies coffee cup
The Crazy Daysies have new merch like this coffee cup.

When you’re an indie band, you are where the buck starts and stops. When you decide to do a full album, it sounds so simple.

Write the songs and get them recorded, right?

If it was only that simple.  Continue reading “Crazy Daysies set for album release, a swampy-tonk DIY”

Second Sundays got a rain reprieve in Springfield

crowd Second Sundays in Springfield
People began to take a listening spot as Second Sundays in Springfield got underway.

On Sunday, Rebecca was scheduled to open for Cain’t Never Could as part of festivities for Second Sundays in Springfield. We planned to go, but by late morning, our Mandarin community south of Jax was getting heavy showers and a light show. For a couple hours, it looked like the event at Klutho Park located north of Jacksonville wouldn’t be possible.

By 2 p.m., a reprieve was in progress courtesy of Mother Nature, and the event was a go-ahead. There was a bonus, too.  Continue reading “Second Sundays got a rain reprieve in Springfield”

Band Mom: Seawalk Festival put Florida musicians in spotlight

Seawalk Community First Festival
The crowd began to gather early at Seawalk Community First Festival.

I’ve often joked to my husband I can hear good music at a number of places in Florida on a given night, and I don’t have to pay $100 for concert tickets. Community First Seawalk Music festival this past weekend at Jacksonville Beach validated my claim.

The festival featured ten bands and closed with country star Josh Turner.

Chiara Blair (center) with daughters Ciera King (left) and Ammie King (right)
Chiara Blair (center) with daughters Ciera King (left) and Ammie King (right) came to Jacksonville Beach to see the Crazy Daysies at the Seawalk Community First Festival.

The Crazy Daysies opened the festival on Saturday. They were followed by Mama Blue whose voice does for the blues what honey does for toast. All the bands received compliments—some I heard first hand and some can be viewed on the Festival’s Facebook page.

Surfdog Photography did photos for the festival; you can see those on Facebook too.

Lots of people from the community came out, and I think there were some out of towners as well. I heard one young woman who was exiting a nearby hotel tell her friend, “I didn’t know they did stuff like this here.”

Festivals like this are a true community gathering spot. All sorts of people came out—from young to old, to enjoy the incredibly beautiful weather, the music, vendors with very unique goods, and the beach.

I was busy trying to take some photos and videos of the Daysies and their bandmates, and also trying to make sure to speak to everyone who came out to hear the band. But in between, I really enjoyed myself. It’s a must-go festival if you can—you can hear a thousand dollars worth of music for free over a two-day period.

Rebecca Day and the band ended their opening performance by singing happy birthday to a very special guest who traveled with her family from Georgia to see the Daysies. Focusing on the Southeast right now, the band has done lots of singing and performing around the state of Georgia.

The Daysies head to Thomasville, Georgia this weekend to do two back to back performances as a duo at Cream of the Crop at South Eden Plantation.

[Photos by Indie Art South]

(KBD/March 2, 2017)

Lead Belly: Indie blues artist became a US music icon

“Lead Belly, the hard name of a harder man.” Woodie Guthrie once said this about the blues musician born Huddie William Leadbetter who spent most of his life in poverty but left an eternal legacy after his death in 1949.

You’ve probably heard covers of his music without realizing who he was.  Continue reading “Lead Belly: Indie blues artist became a US music icon”