Changes ahead for the Daysies in 2020

firepitFinally Rebecca, Jennifer, and I had a chance to get together and talk about what’s ahead for The Crazy Daysies in 2020. Some things will change, but the most important thing will stay the same.

The band will be doing more shows out of the area. As the Daysies’ Web presence has grown, their supporter base has broadened. In addition to Florida cities, we’ve got Georgia, South Carolina, and maybe North Carolina in our sights for right now. Of course they’ll be doing shows here at home as well, just not as many as before. Continue reading “Changes ahead for the Daysies in 2020”

Mystery-romance indie novel ‘Derelict’ added to Arts Market

Derelict by Rebecca Day
Image of ‘Derelict’ book cover courtesy of author.

The new mystery-romance novel ‘Derelict’ has been added to the Arts Market at Indie Art South as we continue to add items that readers might like. This novel was written by Rebecca Day, songwriter and frontwoman for The Crazy Daysies. Rebecca, as many readers already know, is my daughter.

The novel that surprised me is now surprising her. Why? Continue reading “Mystery-romance indie novel ‘Derelict’ added to Arts Market”

Bastiat Jax meeting at Posting House tackled bitcoin, touched on mystery of Nakamoto

Refreshments and libations at Posting House, San Marco area of Jacksonville
We enjoyed our cheese and fruit tray and drinks very much at Posting House in the San Marco area of Jacksonville. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Are you curious about bitcoin? I was, and that led me to attend the October meeting of the Bastiat Society, Jacksonville chapter, at Posting House on Wednesday. Guest speaker was Nick Baldwin, and his talk was very informative. Naturally, the topic of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto came up. Discussion of “fiat currency” also arose. There is one absolute about meetings of the Bastiat Group Society in Jacksonville. Continue reading “Bastiat Jax meeting at Posting House tackled bitcoin, touched on mystery of Nakamoto”

Demands of music slowed it down, but artist’s novel ready for release

Cover of Rebecca Day’s new novel, ‘Derelict’.

Most creatives are good at more than one discipline. I know photographers who can also draw and musicians who are great writers. It didn’t surprise me when Rebecca told me she was writing a novel. She and Jenn have both always been good writers.

I have to say it did surprise me when she told me the first draft was baked. I have to admit I had no idea what to expect. Continue reading “Demands of music slowed it down, but artist’s novel ready for release”

Hemming Park gets ready for second Hispanic heritage celebration

Hemming Park; image Indie Art SouthIt’s no secret Hemming Park is one of my favorite places in Jacksonville. You see so many different kinds of people, and it’s wonderful to talk to many of them. I can’t think of another location in North Florida that features events celebrating all the different mixes of cultures our city is blessed with. On September 21, the Park will host the second Hispanic heritage Celebration, and I can guarantee you it will be a lot of fun. Continue reading “Hemming Park gets ready for second Hispanic heritage celebration”