Reeser’s ‘Strong Feather’ sonnet like a kick in the gut

Jennifer Reeser
Poet Jennifer Reeser (used with permission)

Poet Jennifer Reeser has a new sonnet at Rattle, a print and online magazine known for publishing poets laureate and emerging voices. The sonnet, “Strong Feather Buries the White Woman’ is powerful, not just in terms of the history of our young country, the US, but in terms of my personal history.

By coincidence as I read her sonnet for the first time, I was also engrossed in Reeser’s latest collection, Indigenous. In between reading those poems, I’ve been immersed in reading the A Song of Ice and Fire novels the HBO series Game of Thrones was based upon. Her work is a perfect fit for those novels. Why? Continue reading “Reeser’s ‘Strong Feather’ sonnet like a kick in the gut”