MusicLinkUp makes me dizzy—in a good way

I have to say MusicLinkUp is a gold mine of information. I’d received notifications for several days, but because of a ridiculously busy schedule, I hadn’t had time to stroll around the site and see what’s happening. I took that time this morning, and frankly, the site made me dizzy. In a good way. 

MusicLinkUP touted as ‘LinkedIn of music world’

MusicLinkUp will debut on June 30, and the new networking site is being compared to LinkedIn, a site where professionals can connect with journalists and experts. MusicLinkUp bills itself as “creating economic opportunity for every member.” The aim seems to be to enable musicians to connect with those who provide services covering the gamut from graphic design to playlists and gigs. There isn’t an in-depth FAQ or ‘about’ section on the MusicLinkUp site, but it looks like this will be a resource for musicians who may need a publicist, booking agent, manager, PR firm, or other services. A pinned Tweet

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