Mysterious mail offer a no-brainer, but design is curious

Direct mail solicitations have long been a go-to for US businesses, political parties, and others. When you get an offer in the mail, it’s likely that offer is the product of artists, graphic designers, writers, and marketing specialists. We just got the quirkiest direct mail piece ever—so quirky I was hesitant to open it. The offer contained in the letter—that’s one of the key components designed to get you to act on the offer—is a complete no-brainer. The whole package is quite mysterious. Continue reading “Mysterious mail offer a no-brainer, but design is curious”

Can social media help build your brand?

social media icons
Social media may help build your brand.

Independent artists often must act as their own marketing, branding, and promotional department. Lacking a lavish budget, it’s natural to turn to social media. Doing so requires an investment of time. Does it pay off?  Continue reading “Can social media help build your brand?”