Catching up with the Crazy Daysies

The Crazy Daysies are in perpetual motion these days, and it’s hard sometimes even for me to keep up. They peppered me with questions when they were young. Now it’s me bugging them about venues, gig times, and paperwork. Summer will be busy, and I’ve already advised them to stock up on bug repellant for outdoor gigs in the South. It’s not just the music that has them hopping though. Continue reading “Catching up with the Crazy Daysies”

Band Mom: What is it about 295 and Fridays?

295 shutdown 7-21-17
Shutdown on 295 last Friday, July 21. (IAS photo)

I don’t know what it is about 295 and Friday afternoons, but it seems every time the Daysies have an out of town gig on Friday, there’s a traffic meltdown. Those meltdowns lead to drivers doing some crazy things.

Last Friday was no exception. Continue reading “Band Mom: What is it about 295 and Fridays?”