What’s up in 2019 for the Crazy Daysies?

Every so often I do an update here about what the girls and their fellow musicians are up to. It looks like 2019 will be another busy year, but we’re hoping for a little more space in between gigs than we had in 2018. Rebecca learned that four gigs in the span of a week makes for one tired musician. If you work as a musician, you know how it is. You’ll have gigs on the book for a certain week, and a too-great-to-decline offer comes up. So you put it on the calendar. That happened quite a few times

Out of Carolina: Sweet Sweet heads to North Florida

Surfing for good music is a daily duty for Indie Art South, and today I wasn’t disappointed. I found a great song by a duo from coastal South Carolina. Sweet Sweet will head to North Florida this weekend for a gig at a venue I’m fond of because I’ve had good times there listening to my daughters perform. The venue, The Green Turtle, is known for quality music and fun times. So what’s so special about Sweet Sweet? 

Could Asheville light ordinance impact musicians in other cities?

If you’re a restaurant or bar relying on your outdoor deck for spillover seating or live music, you’re probably not happy about enforcement of an ordinance on lighting in the city of Asheville. The ordinance wasn’t just a result of public debate—the local astronomy club apparently had a large amount of influence. Could this ordinance spread from North Carolina to other cities? Musicians everywhere, take note. 

Key West Songwriters Festival to feature more than 200 performers

The Key West Songwriters Festival will feature more than 200 performers and untold numbers of music fans who will converge on the island May 9-13, 2018. The performers are selected by organizations like BMI, so there’s a selection process that may take some time. 

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