Soon say adios to IAS, and hello to ‘Undercovered’ at Patreon

I’ve shared with readers here and on my social media pages the problems I’ve had maintaining Indie Art South. I’ve found myself spending more time on website maintenance than writing. I have given up trying to understand what is going on with my site. Continue reading “Soon say adios to IAS, and hello to ‘Undercovered’ at Patreon”

The Other Side of Halloween

I see them all
from my silent dwelling
flesh and bone spirits begging.

Just ahead two pirates pillage,
orange bags in hand
in search of sugared contraband.

There goes a princess
and a giant bee.
One glimpse at me—they flee.

A dimpled witch fakes flight.
She cackles loud enough
to crack the night.

They’re all in groups
these costumed seekers.
Yet I have no fellow creatures

to share this evening
so special to me,
as no other can ever be,

This night when bogus demons
cavort with glee.
Here none of them are real

Except for me.

*Kay B. Day/2020

Book tour memory: Poetry surgeons for love

Valentine 1890 Library of Congress
To my Valentine. [1890] Image. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed February 13, 2017.)
My friend and fellow poet, Dorothy Fletcher, and I are sitting in a Florida coffee shop and sharing a piece of pumpkin bread. Actually, we are here on serious business. Today, we are surgeons for poetry. Continue reading “Book tour memory: Poetry surgeons for love”