Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day and Jen Day Thompson (photo: Joel Molotzak Photography)

Daysies Live from the Big Orange to benefit cancer charity

What does a band do when there’s a rare Friday night off? Find a way to make music, of course. This Friday, August 17, at 7:30 PM, the Crazy Daysies will go live on Facebook to help raise money  for the American Cancer Society. David Thompson, husband of Jennifer, is heading up the fundraiser for his firm. David is an associate at Coker Law. This event on Facebook may yield some surprises.

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Film premiere "I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday"

Jax indie film opens to a packed house and packed downtown

It was bad enough I already had a commitment for the premiere of the indie film produced in Jax, I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday. It was a good thing my older daughter Jennifer Day Thompson agreed to cover the premiere for the film. This morning when I asked her how it went, she said, “It was a packed house.” The film did not disappoint. Obviously, we have a community here willing to support indie art.

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Photo courtesy Rebecca Day Music/the Crazy Daysies

It’s personal: Rebecca explores faith and roots with “Living Room Blues”

I write about all types of artists, but this article is personal. Rebecca Day, vocalist and guitarist for The Crazy Daysies, will soon release a song that took her on a journey into faith and roots. The song is a personal reflection on what her faith means, and it was partly inspired by frustration. Have you ever sat in church and become frustrated with politics in the pulpit? I have, and so have others. “Living Room Blues and Faith” was in part inspired by that experience.

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After a Crazy Daysies gig, left to right: Rebecca Day, Jennifer Day Thompson, Tara Richardson.

A Valentine for Tara

In coming weeks, I’ll be migrating previously published content to this site in an effort to centralize my articles on the arts. I wanted the first in this migration to be an account of a young woman whose passing came far too early. Tara Richardson was a friend who was like family. She was so much a part of our musical journey, always coming out to be part of my daughters’ gigs and charity endeavors. I still find myself expecting to see her come through the door sometimes when we’re at a performance. Easter brought back keen memories of this

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The Crazy Daysies meet Mr. Peanut

Sometimes, girls just gotta’ have fun, as the song goes. So when the Crazy Daysies learned Mr. Peanut (and his ride) would be at the Winn-Dixie in Mandarin on Thursday, they headed over. Baby Kayla didn’t quite know what to think, but she ended up getting ice cream afterwards, so all was well. Kayla did say hello to him, but as for Mr. Peanut, mum’s the word. 🙂

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Improve Your Songwriting in Three Steps

Independent musicians earning weekly paychecks playing in bars know their fair share of cover songs. More and more, indie artists are learning about the revenue opportunities for original music through streaming services like Spotify. Original music can take a musician’s business and brand to the next level. It’s not always easy to translate the creative musings in our minds to lyrics and melody, but here are three ways to start improving your songwriting right now.

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Crazy Daysies and Swamp Haven have Daisy and more in common

As The Crazy Daysies set out on our next venture to help Swamp Haven, a non-profit animal rescue based in St. Augustine (FL), we couldn’t help but realize how some relationships develop by circumstance while others seem destined. During a get-to-know each other meeting, we found coincidences  about Swamp Haven and the Daysies we couldn’t dismiss. 

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Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired

As an independent artist, new material is what breathes life into your business. Whether you’re a visual artist, musician or writer, keeping your audience engaged by creating content is possibly the most important rule of success. Maybe it’s the chaos of day to day life that hampers your creativity, or maybe the pressure to make something beautiful is limiting your efforts. Writers’ block doesn’t just happen to writers, and most artists have encountered some form of it. As an independent musician taking care of a family and home while trying to contribute to our brand and business, I sometimes find

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On the night of a full moon, the Crazy Daysies celebrated ‘Mile Markers’

On Saturday, the full moon was amazing as the Crazy Daysies wound down their celebration of the release of their album Mile Markers. Jennifer Day Thompson and Rebecca Day had a great time socializing with longtime and new supporters at Ragtime Tavern at Atlantic Beach (FL). 

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