Brits one up US when it comes to Jenn Bostic’s soulful music

I became a fan of Jenn Bostic by accident. I was reading Tweets one day and came across a post by a website named Belles and Gals. Belles and Gals is a UK-based country website. Bostic has a fan base in the UK—for her bluesy country music. If you listen to her, you may, as I have, be wondering why her music isn’t playing widely on radio stations across the US. You may also be wondering why she doesn’t get more media attention. Fact is the UK has one-upped the US when it comes to her music and others’ as

Spotify ‘experiment’ shakes up the Big 3; opportunity for indie artists

Spotify has big record labels in a tizzy over a policy that may help indie artists. Before this new initiative, if you wanted to get to the top of the charts by traditional means, you had three options. Now it appears indie artists will have another potentially better option, and the labels who’ve controlled the industry are not too happy about it. 

Five indies heat up summer with classical crossover, Nicks tribute band, and more

Ever paid double digits for a concert and been disappointed? I have. I’ve also said you can often hear better music on the indie scene than you’ll hear on your device of choice. In writing about indies, I’ve come across bands whose level of professionalism and talent makes them worth following. Here are five of my favorites, starting with one unique singer trying to do what many used to believe impossible. 

Jenn Bostic’s ‘Love You’ a reminder success deals critics a powerful blow

Jenn Bostic’s song ‘Love You’ was featured yesterday as song of the day at the website Belles and Gals. Bostic’s music and her success as an indie are dealing critics a powerful blow. 

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