Recording group Gunboat Diplomats livens up holidays with ‘relentlessly chipper’ song

New Year celebration 1940
New Year Celebration 1940; National Photo Company Collection; gifted by Herbert A. French, US Library of Congress.

Musical group Gunboat Diplomats never ceases to surprise me, and the latest release holds to that standard. I’ve praised the work of this recording group before, often calling attention to their lyrics for artistic merit. Some of their songs have dark undertones—I really like that. I mean, how many musicians write songs with a nod to Albert Camus? I’d wager more than half of those under 40 couldn’t pick Camus out of a literary lineup on paper. Continue reading “Recording group Gunboat Diplomats livens up holidays with ‘relentlessly chipper’ song”

Jacksonville singer-songwriter is in it for the art

Singer-songwriter Nancy Wilson Buckler
Singer-songwriter Nancy Wilson Buckler. (Facebook photo; credit Darla McHenry Pittman)

I first met Nancy Wilson Buckler through my daughters’ music. Nancy lives in Jacksonville (FL), and I know her son and daughter-in-law and their children.

Some time ago my own daughters told me they’d had a great time listening to Nancy play the guitar and sing. They said she had a fantastic voice.

A new CD Nancy produced is a testament to that voice, and one song in particular touched me in a way that few songs do. Nancy has no idea I am writing this. And she has no idea about something in my past that figured heavily in my appreciation of her song.
Continue reading “Jacksonville singer-songwriter is in it for the art”

In Jax, two talented musicians definitely on an ‘Eternal Odyssey’

Jacksonville’s best kept secret is the city’s diverse music community. From rap to country to blues to metal to everything in between, this sprawling Florida city has an abundance of musicians doing live music every night of the week. Now two Jacksonville musicians, brothers Kent and Brent Smedley, have announced a new album due out from Combat Records, part of the EMP Label group, in early 2019. For both these musicians, music has indeed been an ‘Eternal Odyssey’, the namesake for their new musical endeavors.  Continue reading “In Jax, two talented musicians definitely on an ‘Eternal Odyssey’”

My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’

Today marks the release of a song inspired after a conversation with my daughters about standing your ground. I learned early on how vital it was to encourage my daughters to think independently and to never yield to peer pressure on something they didn’t agree with. (Article continues after video below.) Continue reading “My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’”

Bumping into Dave Med Music broke a cloudy day

Dave med Music
Photo snipped from Dave Med Music. (YouTube)

Yesterday was one of those days February loves to deliver here in North Florida. Cloudy and yucky. Not a good day to be outdoors.

So I went fishing in the Facebook pond for things to write about. I love to discover music that is new to me.  It didn’t take long before I found something I really liked.  Continue reading “Bumping into Dave Med Music broke a cloudy day”