Facebook ‘Live from Ja’Ville’ tonight: A Decade of the Daysies

Special Announcement

Update: You can now watch the video of the live show. It was really nice seeing folks from all over who enjoy the Daysies’ music.

On Thursday, July 16, Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson who perform as The Crazy Daysies will mark a special date. This is the tenth year performing, with Rebecca starting out solo and Jenn joining her as a duo a couple years later.

The show begins at 6:30 PM (EDT) when ‘Live from Ja’Ville’ begins on Facebook Live.

The Daysies will debut a new song, draw for special giveaways including some donated by Indie Art South, and make announcements about upcoming events.

Tune in and weigh in on the comments.

For this band mom, it’s been quite the journey as I often traveled with them to help with trivialities and serve as roadie. It has been a wild ride.

Read more about what the Daysies are up to on their Facebook page.

The Crazy Daysies 10th Anniversary show 'Live from Ja'Ville
Image used with permission; The Crazy Daysies.

(Kay B. Day/July 16, 2020)

What’s up in 2019 for the Crazy Daysies?

Jen Day Thompson (left) and Rebecca Day (right) making up the Crazy Daysies duo opened the festival on Saturday. (Photo: Jen Day Thompson)
Jen Day Thompson (left) and Rebecca Day (right) making up the Crazy Daysies duo opened the festival. (Photo: Jen Day Thompson)

Every so often I do an update here about what the girls and their fellow musicians are up to. It looks like 2019 will be another busy year, but we’re hoping for a little more space in between gigs than we had in 2018. Rebecca learned that four gigs in the span of a week makes for one tired musician.

If you work as a musician, you know how it is. You’ll have gigs on the book for a certain week, and a too-great-to-decline offer comes up. So you put it on the calendar. That happened quite a few times in 2018.

There’s also the busy work of running a small business. Rebecca does a good job and I help as I can, but the paperwork alone can be tedious. Music looks glamorous from the outside, but when you’re on the inside of it and doing it fulltime, it takes a lot of energy.

Last year there were lots of personal events going on, and that made scheduling tricky. There’s good news and bad news on that front.  Continue reading “What’s up in 2019 for the Crazy Daysies?”

My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’

Today marks the release of a song inspired after a conversation with my daughters about standing your ground. I learned early on how vital it was to encourage my daughters to think independently and to never yield to peer pressure on something they didn’t agree with. (Article continues after video below.) Continue reading “My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’”