Changes ahead for the Daysies in 2020

firepitFinally Rebecca, Jennifer, and I had a chance to get together and talk about what’s ahead for The Crazy Daysies in 2020. Some things will change, but the most important thing will stay the same.

The band will be doing more shows out of the area. As the Daysies’ Web presence has grown, their supporter base has broadened. In addition to Florida cities, we’ve got Georgia, South Carolina, and maybe North Carolina in our sights for right now. Of course they’ll be doing shows here at home as well, just not as many as before. Continue reading “Changes ahead for the Daysies in 2020”

Hear the Crazy Daysies on Music Mafia Radio June 21

Music Mafia Radio schedule June 21
Music by Rebecca Day and The Crazy Daysies will be featured on Music Mafia Radio on June 21 a 8 pm. (Announcement

Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) has announced a special program featuring original music with her sister Jennifer Day Thompson. The sisters’ music will be featured on Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m. on Music Mafia Radio. Continue reading “Hear the Crazy Daysies on Music Mafia Radio June 21”