Improve Your Songwriting in Three Steps

Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GA
Photo of stage at Cream of the Crop/Thomasville, GA. (Indie Art South)
Jen Day Thompson
Jen Day Thompson

Independent musicians earning weekly paychecks playing in bars know their fair share of cover songs. More and more, indie artists are learning about the revenue opportunities for original music through streaming services like Spotify.

Original music can take a musician’s business and brand to the next level. It’s not always easy to translate the creative musings in our minds to lyrics and melody, but here are three ways to start improving your songwriting right now. Continue reading “Improve Your Songwriting in Three Steps”

Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired

Rainbow photo; Indie Art South
Rainbow photo; Indie Art South
Jen Day Thompson
Jen Day Thompson

As an independent artist, new material is what breathes life into your business. Whether you’re a visual artist, musician or writer, keeping your audience engaged by creating content is possibly the most important rule of success.

Maybe it’s the chaos of day to day life that hampers your creativity, or maybe the pressure to make something beautiful is limiting your efforts. Writers’ block doesn’t just happen to writers, and most artists have encountered some form of it.

As an independent musician taking care of a family and home while trying to contribute to our brand and business, I sometimes find myself at a loss for words. When my mind is focused day in and day out on keeping a toddler on a schedule, keeping applesauce and markers off of walls and having dinner on the table by 7 PM, there is little space left for my thoughts to wander to creative places.

Here are five ways I get back on track and get inspired. I hope they help you find your spark!  Continue reading “Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired”

Eclipse 2017 didn’t quite go as planned here

eclipse NASA Danielson
NASA eclipse image by Arne Danielson

Yesterday, at 1:34 p.m. here in the southeastern sector of Jacksonville, I got to see something remarkable. The sun was directly overhead. As I viewed it through my special glasses, that big orange orb looked like a mouse had nibbled at the upper right quadrant. By 1:49, the bite got bigger. Then things went south.  Continue reading “Eclipse 2017 didn’t quite go as planned here”

Free prompts, inspiration, and images, await at the LOC

Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial; Washington, DC (Carol M. Highsmith Collection; US Library of Congress)

Regardless of the art form you work in, there’s a resource for your inspiration or blog right under your nose, and it’s completely free. Continue reading “Free prompts, inspiration, and images, await at the LOC”