Apology to my readers; Still blogging, against all odds

I’ve blogged, both as an indie site owner and for freelance accounts, many times over the years. In the early days, there were bugs in software and there were challenges. Still, you could draw traffic with good posts and I stayed in the game. Then approximately six or seven years ago things changed, and not for the better.  Continue reading “Apology to my readers; Still blogging, against all odds”

How smart are you about social media and Google?

Some days, when you find a quick answer to an annoying question, social media is a wonderful thing. Other days, when you get called some pretty bad names on a social media site (or even sillier, get an image of someone’s genitals sent to you), social media seems more of a curse.

Social media giants continue to enjoy financial success, and titans like Google basically control what you see on the Web.

Most indie artists have to rely on social media. How else would you build a supporter list, get the word out about your doings, and stay in touch with that supporter list?

There is an alternative, but it’s not the only viable route. Like it or not, you have to have social media.  Continue reading “How smart are you about social media and Google?”