Will indie authors and musicians catch the print and vinyl wave in 2019?

There appears to be a print and vinyl wave in progress if news reports are accurate. Books and vinyl records are holding their own, with print book sales increasing last year according to Quartz. This is good news to me, at least on the books end of things. I love books. I declare I won’t buy another one every time I dust the shelves of books in various rooms of my house. Then I go buy another one. Or two or more. As for vinyl records, I haven’t jumped on that option yet, but I might. The latest report I

Five indies heat up summer with classical crossover, Nicks tribute band, and more

Ever paid double digits for a concert and been disappointed? I have. I’ve also said you can often hear better music on the indie scene than you’ll hear on your device of choice. In writing about indies, I’ve come across bands whose level of professionalism and talent makes them worth following. Here are five of my favorites, starting with one unique singer trying to do what many used to believe impossible. 

Jenn Bostic’s ‘Love You’ a reminder success deals critics a powerful blow

Jenn Bostic’s song ‘Love You’ was featured yesterday as song of the day at the website Belles and Gals. Bostic’s music and her success as an indie are dealing critics a powerful blow. 

With Spotify going public, how should indie musicians proceed?

Now that the top dog in streaming music, Spotify, has chosen to go public, fans and artists may be asking themselves where the music business will go from here. While Spotify is far ahead of others like Apple Music in terms of subscribers, Spotify’s business model has been described as “shaky” by the likes of CNBC. 

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day: Meet Misty Posey

Do you like Irish or Celtic music? I do. Next up on the holiday calendar is the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. As I wandered around the cesspool known as Twitter, I ran into a beautiful voice. It belongs to Misty Posey who appears to be doing things her way in an industry experiencing much fluidity right now, in part because of social media. 

Who’d have thought neo-folk rocker Eli Lev would hail from DC?

I come across a lot of bands, but when I saw a new follower on Twitter, it caught my interest immediately. The follow came from Eli Lev & the Fortunes Found. The profile note read “Neo-folk rockers from Washington, DC.” That was for me a first. I don’t think I’ve ever written about any type of artist who hails from Washington, DC. So I rode a few links to see what Eli Lev & the Fortunes Found are all about. 

For Daysies, little song that could makes Spotify playlists

When Jen and Rebecca began performing together, one of the first songs they recorded was “Until I Win.” I’ve always liked the song, in part because of the lyrics and the message. It’s consistently performed well in the download world, and now this little song that could actually did. 

Red Dirt Larue: From self-released album to more than a million record sales

Once I learned about Red Dirt music, I wanted to know more. So I spent some time listening to some of the top figures in that genre. A Facebook friend turned me on to Stoney Larue. Larue is considered one of the top musicians in this genre, and he’s seen success many indie musicians dream about. Larue went from self-releasing an album in 2002 (Downtown) to selling more than a million records. Larue’s website said he plays more than 200 shows each year. What makes him special? 

Boutique Wine Bar in Palm Coast gets a discreet makeover

Many musicians in Florida are acquainted with The Original Hammock Wine and Cheese bar in Palm Coast (FL). This boutique bar features indie musicians on a regular basis, and has done so for quite some time. Why do I call it a ’boutique bar’? 

To Tweet or Not? Now you can say more

Twitter, a social media platform heavy on sports, politics, and entertainment, finally caved to the often expressed request for more than 140 characters in a post. Now that the option has expanded, questions arise. Is it worth your time as an indie artist to use Twitter? Will Tweeting help bring people out to your gig, or to purchase your crafts?

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