Indies may benefit from CASE Act; most probably never heard of it

It’s happened to me and it may happen to you, regardless of the arts genre you work in. A few years ago, I did a lot of research on a piece of federal legislation. It took me hours to work my way through the obscure language, references to other bills, and other minutiae. I filed my article after a full day of work on it. A couple weeks later, I did a search, as I always do, to see if anyone else had written about the bill. Imagine my surprise when I saw my article, and photographs, copied and pasted word for word into someone else’s website. What happened next was infuriating. Continue reading “Indies may benefit from CASE Act; most probably never heard of it”

Spotify ‘experiment’ shakes up the Big 3; opportunity for indie artists

Spotify has big record labels in a tizzy over a policy that may help indie artists. Before this new initiative, if you wanted to get to the top of the charts by traditional means, you had three options. Now it appears indie artists will have another potentially better option, and the labels who’ve controlled the industry are not too happy about it.  Continue reading “Spotify ‘experiment’ shakes up the Big 3; opportunity for indie artists”

Will Facebook music licensing give indies short end of the stick?

Cheers to Getting Sober The Crazy Daysies
Originally released by Sonorous as part of an anthology album, “Cheers” was released by the same company as a single in November, 2017. (Snip: Sonorous Records)

It’s been awhile coming, but Facebook’s music licensing contracts appear to be baked. Not much is available about pop culture contracts. But according to Digital Music News, it’s likely, “If you’re an indie publisher or songwriter, you’re probably going to hate Facebook’s music publishing contract.”   Continue reading “Will Facebook music licensing give indies short end of the stick?”

Frozen in Florida, but saved by an indie

space heater from Paschal Brothers in Jacksonville.
A beautiful sight: space heater from Paschal Brothers in Jacksonville.

You move to Florida, even in the northern part where I live, you pretty much take weather for granted. While it’s true we do have concerns during hurricane season, in our area we have been very lucky. Extreme weather events are rare here.

Until recently, we forgot what frozen felt like.

All that changed with this week’s weather. New Year’s was fun, but cold. When the temp drops into the 20s, you start to remember what real cold feels like.

When your HVAC system experiences sudden death, you really start to feel that real cold.

That’s what landed my husband and me at Wal-Mart late last night, in search of space heaters. “This is probably a fool’s errand,” I told him as we headed out. We did our best, but no one open at night had any heaters. By this morning, I felt sure no one in Jacksonville had any.

Little did I know we’d be saved by an indie business.  Continue reading “Frozen in Florida, but saved by an indie”

Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired

Rainbow photo; Indie Art South
Rainbow photo; Indie Art South
Jen Day Thompson
Jen Day Thompson

As an independent artist, new material is what breathes life into your business. Whether you’re a visual artist, musician or writer, keeping your audience engaged by creating content is possibly the most important rule of success.

Maybe it’s the chaos of day to day life that hampers your creativity, or maybe the pressure to make something beautiful is limiting your efforts. Writers’ block doesn’t just happen to writers, and most artists have encountered some form of it.

As an independent musician taking care of a family and home while trying to contribute to our brand and business, I sometimes find myself at a loss for words. When my mind is focused day in and day out on keeping a toddler on a schedule, keeping applesauce and markers off of walls and having dinner on the table by 7 PM, there is little space left for my thoughts to wander to creative places.

Here are five ways I get back on track and get inspired. I hope they help you find your spark!  Continue reading “Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired”