The needy artist: Equipment and wares

gig equipment
Photo of gig equipment/Indie Art South

I have memories of doing book tours, and some of those memories aren’t the stuff sweet dreams are made of.  Even though I had a traditional publisher, if I was speaking at a small event, it was up to me to transport books, bio materials, and any other handouts related to my work.

I quickly learned the importance of transport, a matter I’d never thought about as a budding writer. Continue reading “The needy artist: Equipment and wares”

Band Mom: What’s behind that band on the stage?

Seawalk Community First Festival
The crowd began to gather early at Seawalk Community First Festival.

Watching a band develop is proving to be one of the more interesting experiences in my life. I could (and probably should because we have a nearly complete manuscript) publish a book.

But there’s one aspect of that experience I want to comment on today.

What’s behind that band on the stage?  Continue reading “Band Mom: What’s behind that band on the stage?”