Bands gather to raise funds for singer fighting cancer

Lisa Ann Taylor Mad Hatters Band from Facebook
Still shot from video of Florida vocalist Lisa Ann Taylor from Lisa and the Mad Hatters on Facebook. (@lisasmadhatters)

Bands in the North Florida music community will come together for a special performance to help a fellow musician.

The performances in August will include a special reunion of the band The Ride, and some tunes by Lisa Ann Taylor and her husband Robin.

Florida musician Lisa Taylor is fighting colon cancer.

An announcement on the Facebook page for the Taylors’ band Lisa and the Mad Hatters includes details of the fight Lisa has had to wage:

“As most of you know my wife Lisa has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for 6 years ..during this time she’s had two life saving surgery’s, infections, emergency room visits , long hospital stays ,29 chemo treatments and 6 radiation shots into her lung …”

Cliff’s Bar and Grill (3033 Monument Road, Suite 2) will host the fundraiser on August 17 from 5 PM-1 AM. Details were posted on the band’s page: Continue reading “Bands gather to raise funds for singer fighting cancer”

Helping up close and personal: Wee Pub South to host fundraiser

Poster for Fundraiser/Wee Pub South (St. Mary's, GA)
Poster for Fundraiser/Wee Pub South (St. Mary’s, GA)

Imagine losing your husband, and then having to deal with cancer yourself. I’ve watched families go through crises like this, and sometimes, the challenges can seem overwhelming. St. Mary’s (GA) is a tightly knit community, and local restaurant Wee Pub South is going all out to help a woman who has a lot on her plate right now.

On Saturday, Sept. 8, the pub will host a fundraiser.  Continue reading “Helping up close and personal: Wee Pub South to host fundraiser”

Daysies Live from the Big Orange to benefit cancer charity

Jen Day Thompson with husband David Thompson
Jen Day Thompson (left), violist and vocalist for The Crazy Daysies, shown here with husband David Thompson, associate with Coker Law in Jacksonville. (Photo courtesy Jen Day Thompson)

What does a band do when there’s a rare Friday night off? Find a way to make music, of course. This Friday, August 17, at 7:30 PM, the Crazy Daysies will go live on Facebook to help raise money  for the American Cancer Society. David Thompson, husband of Jennifer, is heading up the fundraiser for his firm. David is an associate at Coker Law. This event on Facebook may yield some surprises. Continue reading “Daysies Live from the Big Orange to benefit cancer charity”

Americana Music Association opens showcase submissions

Showcase submissions for AMERICANAFEST® 2018, Sept. 11-16 in Nashville, Tenn., are now open and will be accepted through Monday, March 26, 2018.

Now in its 19th year as the Americana Music Association’s® annual fundraiser, the destination music festival and conference provides a community-driven platform for artists to showcase for the top Americana tastemakers and industry from around the world.

There are two ways to submit for a showcase.  Continue reading “Americana Music Association opens showcase submissions”

In season of giving, Daysies to hold fundraiser for small charity Swamp Haven

Crazy Daysies Rebecca Day with rescue Rusty
Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) with her rescued pup Rusty. (Used with permission)

Each year, my family contributes to different charities. Some are big. Some are small. It’s the small ones that often go unnoticed even in a season of giving like our Christmas celebrations.

Small charities don’t usually get backed by big corporations with lots of employees. Swamp Haven is a perfect example.  Continue reading “In season of giving, Daysies to hold fundraiser for small charity Swamp Haven”

Concert at Stetson to benefit Jax musician’s daughter

It was bad enough their daughter was in a terrible car accident. Making it worse, the accident happened on the other side of the country. Additional challenges involved care for the victim’s small  children and an ever-present search for resources to help her.

A concert to benefit the victim will be held at Stetson University in Lee Chapel (Elizabeth Hall) on Wednesday, April 19, from 7:30-10:30 p.m.

Most families would be overwhelmed. Kent Smedley, his wife Amy, and their younger daughter Kaitie chose to meet the crisis head on.  Continue reading “Concert at Stetson to benefit Jax musician’s daughter”

For indie artists, giving back to community is a plus

Rusty the rescued pup.
Rusty the rescued pup adjusted well after a hard start early in life.

How many times have you seen indie bands doing fundraisers for a worthy cause? Or craft makers exhibiting at a festival to raise money for a charity? Or an artist donate his or her time to help a nonprofit? Continue reading “For indie artists, giving back to community is a plus”

Bandwagon Network Radio for indie music kicks off fundraiser

Bandwagon Network Radio
Image/snip from Bandwagon Network Radio

America is on the cusp of an indie arts movement, and one part of that movement is indie radio. Independent musicians looking for an outlet who will air their music should take a look at Bandwagon Network Radio. The network has kicked off a fundraiser in hopes of meeting revenue needs for 2017.  Continue reading “Bandwagon Network Radio for indie music kicks off fundraiser”