Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity

When Rebecca [Day] founded the Jacksonville chapter of the Bastiat Society, I had no idea what to expect. I volunteered to host the organizational meeting with Indie Art South as a sponsor. This happened in the pre-COVID era, and in-person turnout exceeded her expectations. The latest meeting of this group was a hybrid event, with a small number coming in person and larger number tuning in online. Justin Ptak was the speaker, and when all was said and done, my mind wandered off into many different directions. That is always the impact of the folks I affectionately call “Bastiaters.” Continue reading “Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity”

Bastiat Jax meeting at Posting House tackled bitcoin, touched on mystery of Nakamoto

Refreshments and libations at Posting House, San Marco area of Jacksonville
We enjoyed our cheese and fruit tray and drinks very much at Posting House in the San Marco area of Jacksonville. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Are you curious about bitcoin? I was, and that led me to attend the October meeting of the Bastiat Society, Jacksonville chapter, at Posting House on Wednesday. Guest speaker was Nick Baldwin, and his talk was very informative. Naturally, the topic of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto came up. Discussion of “fiat currency” also arose. There is one absolute about meetings of the Bastiat Group Society in Jacksonville. Continue reading “Bastiat Jax meeting at Posting House tackled bitcoin, touched on mystery of Nakamoto”