Florida Man, Florida woman: Never a dull moment

The words ‘Florida man’ in a headline are a tipoff about what’s in the story. Just reading those two words ensures the story will be a doozy. A simple search using those words (or ‘Florida Woman’) will turn up all sorts of entertaining tales.

Today’s archive link takes note of the term that has become a Sunshine State icon.

In the story Florida Man, Florida Woman: Arts Potential Crosses All Genres, I share my own ideas about this, and I offer some links to memorable moments with Florida’s ongoing meme.

Be safe, holiday people! And have a great weekend.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 17, 2020)

‘Florida Man’, ‘Florida Woman’: Arts potential crosses all genres

Five or six years ago I remember the meme “Florida Man” popping up on social media. There was a rebirth recently with ‘memesters’ recommending people input the term “Florida Man” into a search bar and add their birthday to see what popped up. The term is now part of the pop culture media canon, with the equivalent “Florida Woman” gaining ground as well. These themes have potential for all manner of art. There is, however, a serious equality problem with these memes. Continue reading “‘Florida Man’, ‘Florida Woman’: Arts potential crosses all genres”