Gangster cop case suggests ‘Killer Joe’ film not far from reality

Every profession has its bad actors, and law enforcement is no exception. The US Department of Justice recently announced the conviction and sentencing of a former DeKalb County (GA) policeman “ for racketeering conspiracy involving murder.” Vancito Gumbs, 28, of Stone Mountain worked as a law enforcement officer, and by his own admission, as a hitman for the Gangster Disciples. The film ‘Killer Joe’ seemed a bit preposterous to me until I read the DOJ news release. Continue reading “Gangster cop case suggests ‘Killer Joe’ film not far from reality”

DOJ acts on threatening and fraudulent robocalls

laptop photo indie art southI remember a call I got from my elderly mother because she was close to hysterics. Someone had phoned her with threats related to her social security account. The caller instructed her to phone a number or be ready to deal with the sheriff, and to expect her bank accounts to be frozen. She called me and I told her to definitely not call the number as instructed. I explained we get these type calls all the time.

I wasn’t happy about whoever instigated those robocalls. Upsetting an elderly person who just had heart surgery is about as despicable an act as a robocaller can commit.

cell phone generic image Indie Art SouthYou don’t have to be elderly to get calls like this. The social security scammers have a sibling professing to be from the Internal Revenue Service. Another scammer pretends to be from Microsoft, claiming your computer has been compromised.  I’d imagine anyone with a phone has gotten these calls.

Now the US Dept. of Justice is attempting to do something about this. The numbers are astronomical. Continue reading “DOJ acts on threatening and fraudulent robocalls”