Enduring Dorian: Coffee, hurricane snacks, and Dave Chappelle

Promo for Chappelle 'Sticks and Stones'
Promotional image of Dave Chappelle from netflix.com

Here in North Florida, Hurricane Dorian drew our attention for a week. That storm had a hard time making up its mind. Once we saw what Dorian did to the Bahamas, we were saddened by the damage and we were concerned about possibilities here. I’ve been through a number of hurricanes in my life, and those experiences have led to a certain amount of knowledge about what to do and what not to do. Most of all, never panic, even if a hurricane comes ashore two weeks ahead of your baby’s due date and your husband is out of town.

We endured Dorian this week, and there were some activities that helped. Coffee topped the list. We have to have coffee because storms often come in the wee hours and disrupt sleep. We have to have snacks in case we lose power. We also like to have entertainment if we have power, and this hurricane’s honors go to Dave Chappelle for his special ‘Sticks and Stones.’ Continue reading “Enduring Dorian: Coffee, hurricane snacks, and Dave Chappelle”