Misty Posey releases ‘Moon, Oh Moon’, performs for ‘Celtic Christmas’ in Dallas

Misty Posey has released a new original, “Moon, Oh Moon”, and she’s aiming for more. In an email, she told me, “I am currently getting my recordings and artwork together for a full debut CD.” She’s doing this after selling out of her EPs at a Celtic-Renaissance festival. This week Posey will head to Dallas to a concert I’d love to hear. Posey will perform in two concerts on Dec. 7 and 8. “Celtic Christmas with the Selkie Girls and Friends” promises an evening of holiday sounds you can bet are honed to perfection. 

From Disney princess to classical crossover, Misty Posey shines

Imagine taking on the role of a Disney princess singing to an audience of adoring fans. Singer and songwriter Misty Posey knows that feeling well. Posey has moved on from her Disney experience, and she is taking classically themed music to unexpected places. Imagine hearing an Irish ballad in a pub when it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day. Or encountering a haunting presentation of “Ave Maria” being sung in a tavern. 

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day: Meet Misty Posey

Do you like Irish or Celtic music? I do. Next up on the holiday calendar is the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. As I wandered around the cesspool known as Twitter, I ran into a beautiful voice. It belongs to Misty Posey who appears to be doing things her way in an industry experiencing much fluidity right now, in part because of social media. 

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