‘Whiskey Lullaby’—Underwood versus Krauss

By coincidence I came across a duet by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. They did one of my favorite songs during a broadcast over Labor Day weekend. Underwood didn’t record the song when it originally came out in 2003. Paisley did the original duet with Alison Krauss. I’m a big Carrie fan, but frankly, I am not wild about her take on that song (Article continues after photo). Continue reading “‘Whiskey Lullaby’—Underwood versus Krauss”

Count on a request for ‘Freebird’, but it’s not on popular karaoke list

It never fails. At least one person, at almost every gig from among hundreds of gigs in a single year, will request a song. The most frequent request by far, regardless of the city or state they’re playing in,  for our band is “Freebird”. It’s not on a popular list of karaoke songs, but another one Rebecca often plays is on it. “Friends in Low Places” is most definitely popular among all age groups, probably for one reason.  Continue reading “Count on a request for ‘Freebird’, but it’s not on popular karaoke list”

CMT Awards: Trucks shines amid gala short on ‘country’

Tedeschi Trucks
Tedeschi Trucks Band from Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DerekTrucks/)

When it comes to country music, CMT was a trailblazer because it was the first channel airing country music videos as primary content. CMT has moved past that model, and nowhere was that in evidence more than last night at the channel’s annual awards show.  Continue reading “CMT Awards: Trucks shines amid gala short on ‘country’”