‘50 States’ graph indicates musicians have a big money pie to target

Be forewarned. The chart is definitely addicting. BMI, along with other industry partners, has published a new graph and data indicating musicians in the US have a big money pie to target. It doesn’t matter if you’re a known brand or an up and comer. The market share for the industry is huge, and the state I live in has enough revenue churning to fire up the ambitions of any songwriter, performer, or other industry professional. Start with the overall US market–$143 billion in annual value and 2 million jobs.

Popular beach bar in Jax isn’t alone in facing music licensing suit

Surfer the Bar in Jacksonville Beach (FL) isn’t the first bar to allegedly run afoul of music licensing regulations. ASCAP [American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers] is suing the bar on behalf of a number of groups for copyright infringement. Does this matter, in the scheme of things, for a bar that stands on hallowed ground in these parts—the former location of Freebird? Surfer the Bar isn’t the only venue to deal with copyright infringement issues.

Hot song? Take a chance on Independent Music Awards call for entries

Are you an indie musician with a hot song? Have you recorded the song in a “fully mastered and complete” format? If so, you might consider entering the Independent Music Awards contest. Entry fees are reasonable, and the bang for your buck if you win will definitely be positive. 

Songwriting tips from experts—is “simple” really the way art should go?

What gives a song shelf life? What makes some songs so special they’re still relevant a century after being written? Tips on songwriting can be found at various industry websites, but one tip posted at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) raised my eyebrows and made me ask myself a question. Is “simple” really the best advice for how art should proceed?

Can membership in a professional organization help an indie musician?

If you’re an indie musician, it probably sometimes seems like you’re climbing the steepest mountain on our planet. It’s true you can network with other musicians, but it’s also true you probably have moments when you feel completely alone. Can membership in a professional organization help an indie musician gain ground? 

Key West Songwriters Festival to feature more than 200 performers

The Key West Songwriters Festival will feature more than 200 performers and untold numbers of music fans who will converge on the island May 9-13, 2018. The performers are selected by organizations like BMI, so there’s a selection process that may take some time. 

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