Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity

When Rebecca [Day] founded the Jacksonville chapter of the Bastiat Society, I had no idea what to expect. I volunteered to host the organizational meeting with Indie Art South as a sponsor. This happened in the pre-COVID era, and in-person turnout exceeded her expectations. The latest meeting of this group was a hybrid event, with a small number coming in person and larger number tuning in online. Justin Ptak was the speaker, and when all was said and done, my mind wandered off into many different directions. That is always the impact of the folks I affectionately call “Bastiaters.” Continue reading “Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity”

Bastiat Jax tackles civil discourse on social media as debates heat up ahead of election

Civil discourse is up front and center as debates on social media, and censorship of same, heat up ahead of the US presidential election in November. It’s common for people to praise or criticize candidates, but for many of us, discourse would be beneficial if it delved into matters like philosophy and policy. As someone whose career focuses on the arts, particularly filmmaking, Jared Rush who founded Third Man Entertainment was a perfect choice for speaker at the virtual meeting the Bastiat chapter in Jacksonville held on August 12.

What many of us are now seeing on sites like Facebook doesn’t just have to do with what you post—now criticism is directed at what you don’t post. How do we make sense of all this? Continue reading “Bastiat Jax tackles civil discourse on social media as debates heat up ahead of election”