How will new EU copyright regulations impact US musicians, bloggers, and others?

The European Union, a work of art itself in many ways, is addressing what media refer to as “copyright reform.” The consensus on doing this seems to be that the digital age requires such reforms and artists aren’t getting what they deserve for their content. Advocates include Paul McCartney, although it’s hard to accept he hasn’t gotten gobs of money without copyright reform. Web titans like Google and Facebook will be impacted, and so will anyone in the US working on music, blogging, news writing, and in other genres. Why?

Will Trump’s EO on health insurance bill help artists?

Typical rhetoric is coming from the Left and the Right today as President Donald Trump announces changes to regulations in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. Rhetoric aside, many who are self-employed may be wondering whether the changes will help them. What changes will be made and how will they impact you?

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