Fireside surprises: Horse in the flames and a rocket launch on the phone

fire flames by indie art south
Photo: Indie Art South

Saturday was a busy day, and a chilly one here in North Florida. That evening, I finally finished all my to-dos and my son-in-law Joshua Knight offered to build us a fire. I’d tossed a couple hints out, and he accommodated. We had great kindling, and at first, the flames shot high until everything in the fire pit settled down.

Only later did I notice an image in the flames, and later again, an impressive photo he showed me. Continue reading “Fireside surprises: Horse in the flames and a rocket launch on the phone”

Full ‘Cold’ moon on 12/12 sparks imaginations and debate

super moon
Photo of full moon by Indie Art South

The moon has fascinated me since I was a child told by adults it was made of green cheese and/or there was a man in the moon. Even today years later I often walk outside late at night just to see the moon and stars. Tomorrow there’s a treat in store for moon lovers like me, and there’s a dash of mystery that is sparking imaginations and debate. Media have taken up the cause, with most building stories around content first featured in a publication I’ve known since the days I heard about lunar green cheese and men.

This Thursday’s full moon, sometimes called the “Cold Moon”, occurs on December 12. Making this more interesting than a regular full moon, the moon will peak on that date at 12:12 AM Eastern time. Adding a quirk to this phenomenon is the fact that if you add the numbers in our current year, you get the sum of 12. We all know the number 12 is special for many reasons.

What does all this mean, if anything? Continue reading “Full ‘Cold’ moon on 12/12 sparks imaginations and debate”

Google gets in on scary Halloween—could it backfire?

Halloween ghost bride photo Indie Art South
image: Indie Art South

Do you go all out for Halloween? We do it up in measured fashion, with some decorations and lots of candy for the goblins who show up at our door. Now Google is getting in on the holiday close to my heart for a number of reasons—you can use your Nest Hello to freak out those goblins in a big way. I’m not the only one wondering if this could backfire. Continue reading “Google gets in on scary Halloween—could it backfire?”