Did they need Ghostbusters at our Early Vote site in Florida?

ECTO 1 Ghostbusters CarWe headed out to vote in our local Jacksonville Elections on May 11, and this Early Vote experience was a bit different. There was a food truck in the parking lot at the South Mandarin Library, and there was also the car that  became an icon courtesy of the original Ghostbusters film. The car, ECTO-1, could have been the original or a replica—I’m not sure about that. It looked authentic. There were also different costumed characters wandering around. We saw one lady with this huge curved horn-looking thing. I’m not sure what it was. Continue reading “Did they need Ghostbusters at our Early Vote site in Florida?”

Reeser poetry and GOT novels on my summer list–how about yours?

I’m not sure why I do this, because I read during the year too, but as summer approaches, I come up with a reading list. Maybe it’s a holdover from my school days. This year my list is ambitious.

I’ve purchased Jennifer Reeser’s much-praised poetry collection Indigenous. I just purchased the 5-book bundle of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. I deliberately didn’t read the novels until the Game of Thrones series on TV began to come to a close, so I’ll read them now and do some commentary on the books in comparison to the series.

I was pleasantly surprised about something related to those novels. Continue reading “Reeser poetry and GOT novels on my summer list–how about yours?”

Western media quiet on China ban of major US info site

It’s not a good idea to talk about reining in government power over speech in China. It’s a worse idea to do a search for information on a subject like the Tiananmen Square massacre. The concept of innate human rights doesn’t exist in the world’s most populous country. Now China citizens will not even be able to turn to the popular online ‘encyclopedia’ Americans consult so much it’s one of the top Web sites in the world. Why aren’t Western media talking about this? Continue reading “Western media quiet on China ban of major US info site”

Attorney determined to clear pilot’s name—again—in Skyway Bridge disaster

Iconic moment showing a car driven by Richard Hornbuckle who was able to brake just in time to avoid a plunge into the Bay after a freighter hit the Skyway Bridge in 1980. Hornbuckle told media, "“The Lord was real good to the four of us." (Image from NBC news video May 9, 1980 provided to Facebook)
Richard Hornbuckle said, “The Lord was real good to the four of us,” after he was able to brake in time when part of the Skyway Bridge collapsed, falling into Tampa Bay on May 9, 1980. (Photo from NBC News broadcast; May 9, 1980; video on Facebook)

Each May Floridians remember the 35 victims of the Skyway Bridge disaster in Tampa Bay. A freighter struck the bridge early in the morning on May 9, 1980. The freighter, Summit Venture, was flying the Liberian flag when a sudden storm made it impossible for radar to work.

The freighter was trying to turn when it struck the bridge. John E. Lerro, the pilot, eventually was cleared as far as fault goes, but that didn’t stop people from judging him. Media understandably covered the story intensely. Lerro is dead now, but his attorney aims to clear his name for the second time.

Tampa attorney Steve Yerrid is co-producing a film about the bridge disaster, hoping to set the record straight. Some media accounts reportedly blamed Lerro, and public opinion embraced theories the pilot had been drinking. Yerrid dismissed those theories because, he said, Lerro “was a health nut.” Continue reading “Attorney determined to clear pilot’s name—again—in Skyway Bridge disaster”

After Season 8, Episode 5, do we really know what happened to Cersei?

Dragons have long been part of myth and legend. This woodcut illustrates St. Michael fighting the dragon. Original work is by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), and is included in US Library of Congress digital prints collection.
St. Michael fighting the dragon; Albrecht Dürer,1471-1528, artist. From digital prints and photos/US Library of Congress.

Warning: There are spoilers in this article. If you’re sensitive about that, don’t read it.

Although TV is my least favorite form of entertainment, I have confessed publicly I get hooked on some series. Game of Thrones is one of them. I watched episode 5 of season 8 last night, eager to see Cersei get the fate she certainly deserved. Once the episode was over, I thought about a couple things, and one is a question. Did Cersei really die? Continue reading “After Season 8, Episode 5, do we really know what happened to Cersei?”