Self employed? Document health insurance or exemption

Independent artists who are self-employed face a dilemma each year. It’s necessary to carry health insurance on yourself because not doing so makes you subject to a tax penalty. Several artists who are self-employed have told me they have to search for a new insurance plan each year. The bottom line, though, has to do with getting your paperwork right. 

Seeing Rick Lipscomb’s work, I found some soul art

Even when my husband and I were young, living paycheck to paycheck, if I put a piece of art on the wall, I preferred it to be original. It helped that I knew a lot of artists who sold their work at very reasonable prices. I even had a couple freelance clients pay me part of my fee in art.  

Newberry, heart of Carolina’s small town America

After performing at the American Heritage Festival in Lake City, SC, in early December, the Crazy Daysies headed upstate shortly before Christmas to visit with family and friends. I dreamt of living amidst vast fields and rolling Carolina hills while growing up. Farm houses and cozy log cabins appealed to me, while neutral, modern-styled houses furrowed my brow. 

Bandwagon Network Radio for indie music kicks off fundraiser

America is on the cusp of an indie arts movement, and one part of that movement is indie radio. Independent musicians looking for an outlet who will air their music should take a look at Bandwagon Network Radio. The network has kicked off a fundraiser in hopes of meeting revenue needs for 2017. 

Seasoned in Nashville, Jason Evans aims for ‘stomp those boots’

Jason Evans is a seasoned veteran of Nashville, having played with country stars having and co-written popular songs. Now Evans has returned to Florida, doing gigs with his band and aiming for music that makes fans want to “stomp those boots.” 

American Heritage Festival lit up the night, literally

On Saturday a group of us traveled from different cities to a farm near Lake City, South Carolina, to hear The Crazy Daysies perform at the American Heritage Festival. The weekend-long event is only a couple of years old, but organizers and vendors offer a lot of sights, sounds, and handmade crafts for guests. 

Performers raise funds for music icon’s daughter

I first met Kent Smedley when my younger daughter Rebecca was in middle school. Transplants in Florida, we were searching for a guitar teacher. The day we found Kent was a lucky one for us. Rebecca began to study with him and results were immediate and impressive. Rebecca is an adult now, with her own band The Crazy Daysies. She’s self-employed as a musician. Just about every time I see Kent, I thank him again for teaching and mentoring her. He was one of the keys she needed to unlock the career she dreamed about as a child. Kent is