Big music lineup for Jax Bar-B-Que Fest at The Landing

Barbecue lovers will head to Jacksonville Landing Nov. 3-5 and they’ll be getting far more than a great meal. Eight bands, a number of them with professional experience, will perform during the three day event. A contest, drink specials, and activities for children will be part of the offerings, and a charity for veterans will benefit from festival support. I haven’t heard all the bands who will perform, but I have heard some of them. 

Writing about locally produced film opened door on Florida show biz community

When I began to cover a film in progress in Jacksonville, I had no idea what was in store. I wrote about the film because I’ve known and respected the producer of I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday for years. Once I did an update to the original article, I began to get emails and requests on social media. Frankly, I simply had no idea. 

Jax filmmakers unveil new trailer, merch for ‘I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday’

It takes fierce determination to bring a script to the big screen. It appears supporters of a new film produced in Jacksonville have lots of it. Jared Rush, producer of the psychological thriller I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday, shared news about the film’s progress on his Facebook page recently. As news breaks on the film’s progress and debut, we’ll continue to provide updates about a work that is quirky like Hitchcock and surprising like Kubrick. 

Will Trump’s EO on health insurance bill help artists?

Typical rhetoric is coming from the Left and the Right today as President Donald Trump announces changes to regulations in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. Rhetoric aside, many who are self-employed may be wondering whether the changes will help them. What changes will be made and how will they impact you?

America’s poet does it again: Mindblown2 variety show announced

Odd Rod Borisade deserves the moniker ‘America’s Poet’ for many reasons. An astounding talent for presenting well-crafted poetry in spoken word has landed Rod on stages across the United States. Borisade also has a talent for putting a great event together. After last year’s success with ‘Mindblown’, Borisade is again bringing a variety-style show to Jacksonville. Borisade’s lineup for Mindblown2 includes poetry, musical renderings in soul-pop-rock, and magic.  

As fifth Facebook Live show approaches, surprises for the Daysies

The Crazy Daysies will air their fifth Facebook Live show today at 6 p.m. When the girls started doing this weekly show, none of us had any idea how it would be received. Now we do, and it looks like this weekly show will continue to air on Thursdays, with times potentially adjusted because of their gig schedule. There have been surprises aplenty as a result of the show.  

Jax filmmakers go Hitchcock as thriller begins production

A team of filmmakers in Jacksonville has begun production on a psychological thriller described as being inspired by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. The film titled I Am Going to Kill Someone this Friday explores the psyche of a seemingly “normal” man named Robert Partridge. Yet Partridge is anything but normal. 

For the music world, Monday was a tragic day

Monday, October 2, held enough misery to last a lifetime for music enthusiasts. Americans woke up to news of horrific mass murders committed in Las Vegas as thousands converged at the Route 91 Harvest Festival to hear country music star Jason Aldean. Roughly 28 minutes into the show on Sunday evening, the shooting started. Shortly before midnight, the shooting ended with the presumed murderer’s death. Within approximately a two-hour span, hundreds had been injured, many of them fatally. Thus far, we know very little about the shooter or his motive. By Monday afternoon, reports about Tom Petty’s health began to

Mary J. Blige concert a bridge across the river ‘Turmoil’

By Jennifer Day Thompson I tend to avoid news sites. I even find myself staying away from social media some days. For a self-employed musician, social connections and engagement are everything. But every time I peruse Facebook or watch a local news broadcast, I’m bombarded with messages of hate and tragedy. I don’t report to an office each day. My office is across the hall from my daughter’s bedroom. I may spend 3-4 days at home, working on music as I’m able while raising a two-year-old. When the end of the week arrives and our gig schedule kicks in, I

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