Florida weekend: Live music all around the Sunshine State

Florida is known for sunshine, but it should also be known for music. On any given day or night, you can find live music in every nook and cranny in the nation’s third largest state. Coming up on the last weekend in June are many live performances spanning all types of music. Heading to Ft. Lauderdale? Like pop?

Wide Open Country cites Gulf Coast Jam in top nine summer festivals

Many don’t need a specific reason to visit Panama City Beach (FL). The incredible white sand beaches on the Emerald Coast attract so many people the beach has been called the “Capital of the Redneck Riviera.” Now PCB’s annual Gulf Coast Jam has been cited as one of the top nine best summer festivals in country music.

Coming home to a place I’d never seen: Swaffield House at Lake Murray

I spent time last week in South Carolina to celebrate my Mother’s birthday and to attend a family reunion with cousins I hadn’t seen in decades. Like many American families, we’re scattered around the country. There were 7 of us in my immediate family and we needed a place to stay. After a series of mishaps and no small amount of sleuthing, we ended up staying at Swaffield House on Lake Murray. I’d never seen this house before.

Hear the Crazy Daysies on Music Mafia Radio June 21

Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) has announced a special program featuring original music with her sister Jennifer Day Thompson. The sisters’ music will be featured on Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m. on Music Mafia Radio.

US gets a new Poet Laureate, but headlines mislead on ‘Native American’ aspect

Yesterday I think there were (at first) two people in the country who questioned a headline featured at many different media outlets. I was one of those two. The other person is a poet I’ve admired for quite some time. The headlines stated the new US Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo, is the nation’s first Native American to serve as US Poet Laureate. That statement is misleading and a fact check is in order.

Does Nashville have a ‘rent is too damn high’ problem?

Nashville has become the destination for many a musician hoping to make it big in country pop. The city once symbolizing traditional country has grown up, and with  that growth have come issues many large cities share. Of late, some may be asking if Nashville has a ‘rent is too damn high’ problem.

Lil Nas X pundits: Egg on their faces on Old Town Road

The Lil Nas X brouhaha continues as pundits at certain publications change their tune on coverage of the ‘Old Town Road’ Billboard controversy by an influential country music website Saving Country Music. I’ve covered this in my own way, but what struck me about the latest developments is the refusal of some pundits to correct the record even when facts prove them wrong.

David Spade gives late night talkie fans a new option: ‘Lights Out’

Long ago I stopped watching standard late night talk shows. They’re all the same—silly skits and political hit job jokes. I’m thinking Colbert never got over his sister’s loss in a congressional race. Now there’s a new option for the 11:30 time spot. David Spade’s new late night talkie launches Monday, July 29, on Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m. Will Spade follow suit in the political comedy sphere, or will he do something different?

Game of Thrones books leave you hanging, annoyed by TV scripts

Warning: Spoilers are included here, so proceed with that in mind. Once the TV series Game of Thrones ended, I decided to read the books. The novels took me two weeks, but I also read the chapters from the next book author George R.R. Martin had released on the Web. Blood, sex, and violence run as themes through all the books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, even more so than in the TV series. Reading these books left me nearly blind from eyestrain and hoping for more because some of my favorite characters’ fates are left

Twenty One Pilots fans go ‘Deadheads’ on us

Some bands, for whatever reasons, attract fans so loyal they go to as many concerts as possible, following the bands from city to city. Most have heard of the Deadheads loyal to The Grateful Dead and its founder the late Jerry Garcia. Twenty One Pilots, the duo arising from an indie band in Columbus (OH), drew their followers to Jacksonville (FL) this week, ahead of the June 14 concert. It’s not the fact the band drew fans here from out of state or country that is intriguing. It’s the fans’ behavior that attracted coverage from local media.