Red Dirt Larue: From self-released album to more than a million record sales

Stoney Larue Twitter
Image: Stoney Larue on Twitter (@stoneylarue)

Once I learned about Red Dirt music, I wanted to know more. So I spent some time listening to some of the top figures in that genre. A Facebook friend turned me on to Stoney Larue.

Larue is considered one of the top musicians in this genre, and he’s seen success many indie musicians dream about. Larue went from self-releasing an album in 2002 (Downtown) to selling more than a million records.

Larue’s website said he plays more than 200 shows each year.

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Red Dirt music expands, but what is it exactly?

the late Bob Childers
According to Wide Open Country, the late Bob Childers is considered Red Dirt’s “first poet laureate.” Photo Credit: Kmzundel at English Wikipedia

I hadn’t heard about Red Dirt Music until recently. I read an article that mentioned it in connection with a Texas radio station expanding its broadcast capability. Once I found time to take a deeper look, I learned some things.

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What can help you plan ahead for extreme weather?

NOAA weather band 13
Weather Band/NOAA; Jan. 8, 2018

If your work puts you in an outdoor setting, regardless of your genre, chances are you’ve been affected by extreme weather. When an event is canceled, musicians aren’t the only artists disadvantaged. Crafts makers selling wares, food trucks, and others feel the pain.

In Florida, indie artists dealt with hurricane and storm cancellations in 2017. As 2018 arrived, our state experienced far colder weather than usual. How do you cope with revenue that gets canceled along with the gig?

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Frozen in Florida, but saved by an indie

space heater from Paschal Brothers in Jacksonville.
A beautiful sight: space heater from Paschal Brothers in Jacksonville.

You move to Florida, even in the northern part where I live, you pretty much take weather for granted. While it’s true we do have concerns during hurricane season, in our area we have been very lucky. Extreme weather events are rare here.

Until recently, we forgot what frozen felt like.

All that changed with this week’s weather. New Year’s was fun, but cold. When the temp drops into the 20s, you start to remember what real cold feels like.

When your HVAC system experiences sudden death, you really start to feel that real cold.

That’s what landed my husband and me at Wal-Mart late last night, in search of space heaters. “This is probably a fool’s errand,” I told him as we headed out. We did our best, but no one open at night had any heaters. By this morning, I felt sure no one in Jacksonville had any.

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Great Valentine gift: Jax short film festival

Jax short film showcase
Image: Jacksonville Short Film Showcase/YouTube channel

Forget a box of chocolates or bouquet of roses. I can’t think of a better valentine than tickets to the Jacksonville Short Film Festival. The Festival comes just in time for pre-Valentine’s Day celebrations.  Continue reading “Great Valentine gift: Jax short film festival”