Kevin Costner lights up new TV series as Paramount takes on competition

Paramount Network will take on competitors such as FX with new programming like the series Yellowstone starring film legend Kevin Costner. Costner stars in and served as a producer for the series. Paramount has had a long winding journey since its founding in the early 1980s as The Nashville Network, morphing from country music and Southern culture to WWE, Spike TV, and most recently to the series Waco. The latter was a recounting of the federal government’s disastrous raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in 1993. 

‘The Americans’ finale: One giant snoozefest

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the finale and don’t want to know what happens. Last night, I actually arranged my evening around a TV show. I’ve followed The Americans fairly loyally since the first episode. Sometimes the series got bogged down in navel gazing, but overall it was a very entertaining narrative about Russia, Gorbachev, Reagan, the FBI, and the KGB. I tuned in at 10 p.m. to FX, expecting a strong finish. Instead, it was one giant snoozefest.

TV blight prevails, but at least Luther, Sunday Night Football are tops

I have trouble with TV. Right now, every time I hit a new channel, it’s all about the royal wedding, crime, or psycho chefs. There’s not much I can sit through these days. I have too many books lying around and they’re a lot more interesting. That said, I do have a few shows I like to watch. Two of the features I do watch are among the most popular shows in the US and the UK. 

‘Trust’ recounts story of kidnapped heir whose brother co-founded Getty Images

Are you watching the series Trust on FX? The series recounts the story of John Paul Getty III who was kidnapped in Italy when he was only 16. Some of us are old enough to remember the news coverage about the kidnapping of an heir whose grandfather was one of the richest men in the world. While the kidnapping is the focus of the series, what’s not as well known is that one of the most influential image galleries in the world was co-founded by Getty III’s brother Mark. 

Ditch Colbert and what’s his name: Carson lives on late night TV

I was getting ready for bed, punching the remote to find something to make a little noise as I finished up my chores. I nixed late night talk shows. They bore me. Plus I can hear politics 24/7 and that’s the last thing I want to hear when I’m about to go to sleep. Imagine my surprise when I bumped into Johnny Carson’s show. 

Katy Perry’s kiss on ‘American Idol’: Is all press good press?

US media are naturally stressed for a number of reasons. One involves filling 24/7 news cycles, and that leads to all sorts of stories oozing onto our screens. Now there’s attention to a kiss celebrity Katy Perry delivered during an American Idol audition by an Oklahoma musician Benjamin Glaze. It’s a quirky story. 

From cop to actress, Faneal Godbold is definitely ‘moving forward’

Faneal Godbold chose a career in what was once a man’s world, law enforcement. Although during her school years she had enjoyed participating in theater and drama, the real-world career path she followed as an adult was anything but glamorous. Law enforcement was a magnet for the North Carolina native. Her father, grandfather, and uncle all worked in law enforcement. Godbold’s dad did what a lot of parents do—instructed her to “get a job so you can pay your bills.” It’s likely Godbold’s dad didn’t envision his daughter appearing on TV, film, and commercials. How did she make the leap

Faneal Godbold chose to ‘step up’ early on

I’ll soon have an interview with actress and law enforcement expert Faneal Godbold. Recently the CEO of the Recording Academy, responding to complaints about the scarcity of women in the Grammy Awards, said women should “step up.” Godbold stepped up all on her own. 

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