Coming home to a place I’d never seen: Swaffield House at Lake Murray

I spent time last week in South Carolina to celebrate my Mother’s birthday and to attend a family reunion with cousins I hadn’t seen in decades. Like many American families, we’re scattered around the country. There were 7 of us in my immediate family and we needed a place to stay. After a series of mishaps and no small amount of sleuthing, we ended up staying at Swaffield House on Lake Murray. I’d never seen this house before.

New Year’s resolution South Carolina should make and keep

My family travels I 95 frequently for many reasons, ranging from family to business. It’s a chaotic highway demanding defensive driving for survival. When we head to South Carolina, there’s a section of the highway that requires triple defensive driving. The section of I 95 between Savannah and our turnoff to I 26 is two lanes on both sides. That doesn’t sound like a big deal. It is, and South Carolina’s government should make a New Year’s resolution to fix it. 

Hurricane Florence poised to interrupt everything, including music

Hurricanes are the great interrupters, and if you have lived on the East coast of the US, you know the drill. Right now forecasters place North Carolina as Hurricane Florence’s most likely target, but wind and rain will affect many who are outside the direct hit area. Business takes a wallop, and consequently, so do working musicians. 

As summer looms, food for the road comes to mind

Summer is looming, and many of us will travel by car. Some of us connected to bands, or if we have family in distant states, already travel a lot by car. One thing I’ve learned as a veteran of I 95 and other routes is the fast food can really get old quick. Years ago I began to try to pack some easy fix food items for a couple reasons. 

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