CDs still staple for country fans; streaming services took note at CMA fest

A story at Billboard about a recent effort at CMA Fest in Nashville confirmed what we’d already learned. CDs are still a staple for country fans, and probably for indie fans as well. In an effort to up their share of the market, streaming services like Amazon, Spotify, and iHeart Radio took action and had a larger presence at this year’s Country Music Association event. Crunching numbers leads to some interesting insights.

Catching up with the Crazy Daysies

 The Crazy Daysies are in perpetual motion these days, and it’s hard sometimes even for me to keep up. They peppered me with questions when they were young. Now it’s me bugging them about venues, gig times, and paperwork. Summer will be busy, and I’ve already advised them to stock up on bug repellant for outdoor gigs in the South. It’s not just the music that has them hopping though.

A Valentine for Tara

In coming weeks, I’ll be migrating previously published content to this site in an effort to centralize my articles on the arts. I wanted the first in this migration to be an account of a young woman whose passing came far too early. Tara Richardson was a friend who was like family. She was so much a part of our musical journey, always coming out to be part of my daughters’ gigs and charity endeavors. I still find myself expecting to see her come through the door sometimes when we’re at a performance. Easter brought back keen memories of this

My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’

Today marks the release of a song inspired after a conversation with my daughters about standing your ground. I learned early on how vital it was to encourage my daughters to think independently and to never yield to peer pressure on something they didn’t agree with. (Article continues after video below.)

How do you deal with a jerk at your gig?

It happens to anyone who plays music in bars. It may not happen often. But when it does happen, it’s memorable. I could write a book about it. Talk to musicians and every one of them has a tale to tell. I’m reminded of the story about one of the most talented guitarists in the whole state. Some guy in the audience was harassing this guitarist. Next thing you know, the guitarist was on that guy like a fly on honey, and trust me, it was no match. The guitarist is built like a linebacker. Men and women are harassed

For Daysies, little song that could makes Spotify playlists

When Jen and Rebecca began performing together, one of the first songs they recorded was “Until I Win.” I’ve always liked the song, in part because of the lyrics and the message. It’s consistently performed well in the download world, and now this little song that could actually did. 

Crazy Daysies made lemonade for home team sendoff

It’s no secret we’re a family of football fans. College ball. Pro ball. Arena ball. We like it all. So when the Crazy Daysies’ Friday gig got scrubbed because the venue is an outdoor deal, and the rain just kept coming down, Rebecca and Jennifer took sour lemons and made lemonade for our Jacksonville Jaguars. The Daysies decided to do a livestream on Facebook and dedicate it to our team. The girls were ready to sing and play, so the livestream seemed a good idea. That’s only half of it, though. Yes, we are superstitious. 

Red Dirt music expands, but what is it exactly?

I hadn’t heard about Red Dirt Music until recently. I read an article that mentioned it in connection with a Texas radio station expanding its broadcast capability. Once I found time to take a deeper look, I learned some things. Above all, I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is. 

First Swamp Haven fundraiser brings beds, food, and funds for pups

The Crazy Daysies did the first fundraiser for their 2018 charity of choice Swamp Haven on Thursday. Supporters, otherwise known as ‘swampytonkers’,  love animals, and that was evident in the generous donations. 

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