Hear the Crazy Daysies on Music Mafia Radio June 21

Rebecca Day (The Crazy Daysies) has announced a special program featuring original music with her sister Jennifer Day Thompson. The sisters’ music will be featured on Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m. on Music Mafia Radio.

FBI comes clean about Big Foot after 42 years

Big Foot, also known as Sasquatch, has been the subject of an FBI “investigation”—sort of. So many claims have been made about this ape-like creature who allegedly roams not only the dreams of imaginative children but also the wilderness in the northwestern area of the United States. Big Foot never quite caught my imagination, but he certainly has drawn attention from bloggers, indie documentary makers, and dedicated sleuths like Peter C. Byrne. It was a letter from Mr. Byrne that sparked a closer look at Bigfoot from the FBI, and the federal law enforcement agency delivered hard results the government

Will social media chaos benefit arts communities in 2019?

At present social media like Facebook and Twitter are experiencing chaos. This was predictable. When you have massive numbers of humans from around the globe interacting, you have a landscape akin to the ‘Wild West’ of yore. Toss in bots, insert human screeners who make decisions to block people like a famous pastor (his page was restored), and media who snark among themselves like tweens on a middle school playground, chaos is no surprise. What’s next in 2019 when it comes to arts communities? 

Gunboat Diplomats latest: Paean to summertime pop

With Gunboat Diplomats, you never know what to expect. These musicians recording as a group, who perform in a variety of venues and bands, including solo acts, most definitely embrace variety. The last song, “Original Sin”, was described as “a bastardized bossa nova.” I liked that song, bastardization or not. The latest from GD is a sharp turn compared to past recordings, however. 

America’s poet does it again: Mindblown2 variety show announced

Odd Rod Borisade deserves the moniker ‘America’s Poet’ for many reasons. An astounding talent for presenting well-crafted poetry in spoken word has landed Rod on stages across the United States. Borisade also has a talent for putting a great event together. After last year’s success with ‘Mindblown’, Borisade is again bringing a variety-style show to Jacksonville. Borisade’s lineup for Mindblown2 includes poetry, musical renderings in soul-pop-rock, and magic.  

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