Will social media chaos benefit arts communities in 2019?

At present social media like Facebook and Twitter are experiencing chaos. This was predictable. When you have massive numbers of humans from around the globe interacting, you have a landscape akin to the ‘Wild West’ of yore. Toss in bots, insert human screeners who make decisions to block people like a famous pastor (his page was restored), and media who snark among themselves like tweens on a middle school playground, chaos is no surprise. What’s next in 2019 when it comes to arts communities? 

The making of the incredibly versatile Jennifer Reeser

Pt. 2 of 3 Jennifer Reeser, in case you missed the first article in our series about her, is no ordinary writer. Exceptional poet, widely praised translator, essayist, and reviewer, Reeser has long refused to confine her intellect to one form or genre. Years ago, a famous poet’s son who became an accomplished writer told how his father “made his head.” As with everything, seeds of one’s future are sown at a very young age.

Saving Country Music notes negative impact on musicians from Facebook changes

I’ve told every musician and artist I know to not make the mistake of relying on one social media site to connect with fans. Now a major music site is pretty much doing the same, and if you’re an indie artist, read this article. It’s well worth your time. After Facebook changed its algorithm, musicians are among the hardest hit. How hard is the hit? 

Advice to musicians: Don’t beat up fans like this singer allegedly did

Depending on the type of music, concerts can sometimes go south very quickly. Now there’s a story breaking about a punk rock singer who allegedly spit in a fan’s face and then allegedly proceeded to hit the man too. The dustup was about politics, ever-present today in some music scenes partly as a means of the band catering to the corporate machine controlling their revenue. How’d it all get started?

Cody Wolfe dustup indicates gatekeepers not interested in finding new talent

~~Update July 31, 2018: We will expand this story with new information, and the update will be published by Monday, August 6.~~ See the 8/6 update: Flip side to the dustup between Cody Wolfe and Cat Country A Tweet by rising country star Cody Wolfe revealed something many of us already knew. Gatekeepers at radio stations aren’t very interested in finding new talent. Wolfe published an account of remarks allegedly made by program/music director Joe Kelly with radio station WPUR 107.3 in Northfield, New Jersey. In those remarks, the director also allegedly dissed Luke Bryan. While the dustup is the

New social network aims for privacy, dismisses Facebook ad model

Recently Openbook announced a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling on a new social network that, if successful, could be an alternative to Facebook. Openbook is not aiming for the ad revenue model other social media and the dominant search engine on the Web comprise because of privacy concerns. 

Beware the perils of Twitter

I’ve often said Twitter is social media’s cesspool. Now that another celebrity has hit the Tweet button and blown up her latest opportunity, the only thing we can count on is who’s next. While heavyweights like Rob Reiner (no pun intended) and Jim Carrey can pretty much say what they want about anyone, and get away with it, most of us can’t. 

Summer poems trend with forced rhymes, but not all is lost

Perhaps only a psychic could see how Twitter selects trends each day, but at present, you’ll find #PoemToWelcomeSummer among top items. The topic shows 1, 546 Tweets as I write this, compared with another trend, #ILikeIt, with 673,000 current Tweets. Maybe some Twitter controller just had a beam in his eye for childhood summers.  The Twitterverse jumping on the summer poems chain gang favored forced rhymes and ditties. Poems included advice on sunscreen and laments about kids already bored now that school is out. All, however, is not lost. 

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