Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity

When Rebecca [Day] founded the Jacksonville chapter of the Bastiat Society, I had no idea what to expect. I volunteered to host the organizational meeting with Indie Art South as a sponsor. This happened in the pre-COVID era, and in-person turnout exceeded her expectations. The latest meeting of this group was a hybrid event, with a small number coming in person and larger number tuning in online. Justin Ptak was the speaker, and when all was said and done, my mind wandered off into many different directions. That is always the impact of the folks I affectionately call “Bastiaters.” Continue reading “Hanging with the ‘Bastiaters’ revs up creativity and curiosity”

The Yogi Doc may just be an option to deal with lockdown and other stressors

Most of us share a level of frustration related to the COVID lockdown and from stressors that have nothing to do with physical illness. Some people choose to self-medicate, often with harmful substances. Others turn to spiritual and/or physical activities. Danni Thompson, an investment advisor living in North Florida, has like many of us seen her share of stress. Instead of yielding to misery, Danni chose what poets might call a path of light, and she now wears another title in addition to wife, mom, and career woman. She is ‘The Yogi doc’ who founded her Divine Yoga. Continue reading “The Yogi Doc may just be an option to deal with lockdown and other stressors”

J-Lo, other celebs jump on Acorns–could be option for indie artists

image of cash currency, Indie Art SouthJennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and other celebs have all invested in a new finance-tech company, and you can jump on it too, regardless of your wealth.

Acorns Grow isn’t your typical investment model—you don’t need $25,000 to buy in. As a matter of fact, you can do it with “spare change”, according to the Acorns website. The concept seems a good fit for struggling artists who aren’t able to tuck away large sums.

This really isn’t a brand new concept in every way, though. Continue reading “J-Lo, other celebs jump on Acorns–could be option for indie artists”

Indies may benefit from CASE Act; most probably never heard of it

It’s happened to me and it may happen to you, regardless of the arts genre you work in. A few years ago, I did a lot of research on a piece of federal legislation. It took me hours to work my way through the obscure language, references to other bills, and other minutiae. I filed my article after a full day of work on it. A couple weeks later, I did a search, as I always do, to see if anyone else had written about the bill. Imagine my surprise when I saw my article, and photographs, copied and pasted word for word into someone else’s website. What happened next was infuriating. Continue reading “Indies may benefit from CASE Act; most probably never heard of it”

Will new Americana podcast help clear up confusion?

Robert Earl Keen
Bio photo/@robertearlkeen on Facebook

Robert Earl Keen will soon launch Americana Podcast: The 51st State, and it’s a given the genre will benefit from Keen’s support. Few can clearly define Americana,  but many lay claim to it.

The new podcast comes at a time when listening to podcasts is becoming more popular. Will this new messaging help clear up confusion about this genre that could be loosely a hybrid of country and rock? Maybe. Then again, it seems to me there’s a wide range when it comes to defining Americana music.

The genre can comprise more than a mix of country (or folk) and rock (or blues). Continue reading “Will new Americana podcast help clear up confusion?”