Shania Twain joins critics of radio content

If you read here at Indie Art South, you know how I feel about radio content. Regardless of genre, it all sounds the same to me. Country, pop, rock, and rap have all been homogenized in the interest of profit. That’s perfectly legal, but also perfectly boring. Now Shania Twain has added her voice to those of other high profile critics, although her focus is country. 

There’s a flip side to the dustup between Cody Wolfe and Cat Country 107.3

There’s a good reason for that frequently used term ‘allegedly.’ There was a good reason I used it more than once in a recent article about a dustup country artist Cody Wolfe had with radio station 107.3 (Cat Country/WPUR) in south New Jersey. There’s a flip side to the story after a phone conversation I had with program/music director Joe Kelly. 

Cody Wolfe dustup indicates gatekeepers not interested in finding new talent

~~Update July 31, 2018: We will expand this story with new information, and the update will be published by Monday, August 6.~~ See the 8/6 update: Flip side to the dustup between Cody Wolfe and Cat Country A Tweet by rising country star Cody Wolfe revealed something many of us already knew. Gatekeepers at radio stations aren’t very interested in finding new talent. Wolfe published an account of remarks allegedly made by program/music director Joe Kelly with radio station WPUR 107.3 in Northfield, New Jersey. In those remarks, the director also allegedly dissed Luke Bryan. While the dustup is the

Music did the talking and boosted Paradise Outlaw to big win

Paradise Outlaw guitarist Kevin Langeland said in an email interview for an earlier column that his band lets their music do the talking. That approach paid off big time when the band won the coveted B93 Battle to the Bash celebration in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band’s music got radio play as a result of that win, and the exposure was no small feat. B93 (WBCT) is the most powerful radio station in North America. Where does the band go from here? 

Leisure News: Sony, iHeartRadio, and Starz churn profits and potential

The entertainment sector seems to reinvent itself frequently as technology comes up with new ways to deliver content. Right now, Sony is sitting pretty, and in the radio sector, iHeartRadio reportedly has another potential buyer. As Sony resurrects a record label and iHeart courts suitors, something rather remarkable happened when viewers set a record of sorts in a non-TV way with a popular Starz TV show. The market is in flux, and that could mean good news for some artists and fans. 

Indie band Blackberry Smoke tops in country album sales—for third time

If you don’t know the music of Blackberry Smoke, lend this indie band your ear. The band’s latest release, Find a Light, outsold other country albums to take the top spot. As the website Saving Country Music pointed out, this is for album sales as opposed to sales from all sources including streaming. 

With ‘Quiet Hero’, Cosby added a chapter to Resistance history

Some books, once read, can be donated to charity because you know you’ll probably never read them again. Other books go onto the permanent shelf and remain relevant. Rita Cosby’s book Quiet Hero–Secrets From My Father’s Past is a keeper. Quiet Hero contains a lot of personal narrative focusing on her relationship with her father and her upbringing in general. But the book also contains a lot of straight-up history told in a layman-friendly narrative. Many readers will be introduced to Polish Resistance fighters, and events in the war are recounted in personal terms, often through firsthand accounts. Until I read this book, I always thought

Cosby gets new radio gig

Checking Twitter this morning, I saw a post by best-selling author Rita Cosby. Cosby announced she will co-host Curtis & Cosby on 77 WABC radio in New York City. Cosby’s new gig debuts today at 12 noon. Her co-host is Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels. I’ve met Cosby in person, and she’s built a solid reporting career, but what impressed me most about her was a personal story. 

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