Writer aims to take super hero down

The whole predicament started innocently. I asked a question and got an answer. Little did I know a super hero would mire me down in a project I am seriously desperate to finish. I have learned when you make a promise involving a super hero, it isn’t always easy to keep it. Continue reading “Writer aims to take super hero down”

Sweeney’s Twitter question evoked memories of poetry on the road

Jon M. Sweeney is one of the Twitter folks I follow because his page is always interesting. He’s rarely off-putting as so many other writers can be. Recently he asked a question that brought back memories of poetry on the road, and I was surprised at how the question stuck with me even after I answered, “Nope.” Continue reading “Sweeney’s Twitter question evoked memories of poetry on the road”

One poet’s favorite poems for children

I’ve been working on a book of children’s poems, adding new ones to verses I originally wrote for my girls years ago. At the same time I noticed a post by poet and translator A. M. Juster on social media. He asked us to share our favorite children’s poem.

For me that was hard because there are so many. I posted a quick response and then realized one of my top favorites is actually a book-long poem, but it’s a poem anyone of any age can enjoy. Continue reading “One poet’s favorite poems for children”

A Poem for these times: The Golden Riddle

Back yard bench and Caladiums
Photo: Indie Art South

The Golden Riddle

At night through my open window, I can hear
the couple across the street as they argue.
Blind anger mixed with fear makes a brawl
no one will win. They don’t paint their house
or mow their grass. Their porch is filled with trash.

Angry words often steal into my yard
where our children play.
We all hope they’ll sell their house one day.
Yet one question burns relentlessly.

How am I supposed to love them
like I love me?

(Kay B. Day/A Poetry Break/Ocean Publishing)

Poets come together on Zoom for ‘Reading in the Air’

Poetry has long been a favorite habit for my family. In times past, we had to go to a physical venue to hear poets read. Technology like Zoom has changed that, and now everyone can hear fine poets read online. Three talented women, Jane Greer, Marly Youmans, and Sally Thomas, will share their work in a special program, ‘Reading in the Air.’ Continue reading “Poets come together on Zoom for ‘Reading in the Air’”